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Arched Walkway

Approach the Tree Church under a high arched leafy walkway which reveals the reflecting pond.


A living church-growing a natural place of beauty

Enter through the small arched porch, walk down the long grass aisle and arrive at the  large gothic window which offers a view of the valley beyond.

Ceremonies in the Tree Church

Marriages & Civil Unions
Baby Naming Ceremonies
Customised Ceremonies

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A slice of country magic

Planted in August 2015, this living church is the ideal venue for celebrating life's important moments. Upon entering  the Tree Church there is a sense of awe. The  hedged walls, the gothic glassless windows and the airy canopy of trees make for a serene and peaceful experience, enhanced by the birdsong from the nearby native plantings.


Drinks under the oak tree

Apres ceremony drinks under the  oak tree are a popular option. The enormous tree provides welcome  shelter from the hot summer sun  

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More photos

Walkway, Tree church, Oak tree lawn

Reflecting pond
Reflecting pond
Wallkway couple
Departing church via the walkway
Bridal car
Signing on stone altar
Aerial Tree Church
Tree Church guests
Aerial church
Father & daughter
Guests after ceremony
Oak tree lawn
Celebration under the oak tree
Oak tree lawn
Flower girls
Walkway petal throwing
Tree Church
Tree church entry

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Felicity Warren Celebrant

My approach

“This is your story, and your celebration, and I look forward to working with you to create the perfect ceremony that is all about you.”

From naming ceremonies to weddings, right through to final farewells, my role is to create a moment that is unique to you and your story. Whatever the occasion, I would consider it a privilege to be a part of your team.


Tree Church Related Questions

Does Having a ceremony in your Tree Church mean it has to have religious content?

Absolutley not. It is simply a very beautiful and peaceful structure in the shape of a church.

How much will it cost to hold a ceremony in your Tree Church?

The Fee for having your celebration in the Tree Church is $1,000

Do you offer a venue for a celebration following the ceremony?

Currently we offer 2 hours under the enormous oak tree in our garden for drinks (& canapes if desired) at a cost of $200. (Beverages etc supplied by you.)

By 2021 we are planning to have The Vue (Venue with View) completed  for celebrations. Watch this space!

Will the bridal party be able to have photos taken in your garden?

Yes. There are some wonderful photographic  opportunities around the garden including a reflecting pond.


Will the guests be allowed to throw confetti or rose petals?

The leafy walkway leaving the Tree Church is ideal for this, but not in the Tree Church due to the bark flooring.

How wide is the aisle?

2 metres - a generous width for a flamboyant gown, a wheel chair and ample room for pall bearers.

How many guests will the Tree Church seat?

180 comfortably.  210 very closely seated

How far is the Tree Church from Martinborough?

12kms - 10 minute drive.

For directions email,

or phone 06 3069 791


Do we have to have you as our celebrant if we get married in the Tree Church?

Absolutely not - you can have whoever you want to officiate at your ceremony.

What happens f it rains on the day of the ceremony?

We have a discrete clear canopy that we can erect (with out accompanying wind) making the Tree Church water proof

Is there a sound system to play our own music?

We have a blue tooth sound system with a cordless microphone which speakers and singers are welcome to use.


Celebrant related questions


Are you trained to be a celebrant

Yes - comprehensively with the Celebrant School of NZ 

What is your fee for being a celebrant.

I charge $800. I offer a 25% discount if your ceremony is in the Tree Church. Travel & accommodation costs are negotiated if your ceremony is not local to Martinborough.

What paper work do we need prior to getting married.

A marriage licence. the initial application (which must be done with in a 3 month period of your ceremony) can be applied for on line through the government website 'Births Deaths and Marriages"

Do you have a speaker/music system.

Yes with a cordless microphone which any speakers or singers are welcome to use.


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