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Experience Unforgettable Moments at the Martinborough
Tree Church & The Vue!

Say "I Do" surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the
Martinborough Tree Church, nestled just 12 minutes away from
central Martinborough down White Rock Road. Our unique
private gardens, set against a working farm backdrop, offer a
magical setting for your dream wedding ceremony. The Tree
Church comfortably accommodates 140 guests, providing a
picturesque backdrop for your special day.

The Garden Highlights

  • The stunning archway met by a reflection pond for the most romantic bride & groom moments

  • Beautiful hidden gardens and statues

  • Spacious outdoor areas for guests to enjoy


Tree Church Highlights

  • Seats 180 guests

  • Perfect for stunning wedding ceremonies

  • Ideal for combined bookings with "The Vue" for a complete wedding experince

A slice of country magic

Planted in August 2015, this living church is the ideal venue for celebrating life's important moments. Upon entering the Tree Church there is a sense of awe. The  hedged walls, the gothic glassless windows and the airy canopy of trees make for a serene and peaceful experience, which is enhanced by the birdsong from the nearby native plantings.

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The Vue - A Historic Woolshed with Breathtaking Views:

Step into The Vue, a meticulously renovated 100-year-old
woolshed boasting spectacular views of Craggy Range
Vineyard and the rolling hills beyond. With a seating capacity
for up to 120 guests, The Vue offers a charming dance floor, a
movable raised stage for your band or DJ, a well-equipped bar,
coat area, large chiller, kitchen, bathrooms, and a deck
overlooking the stunning landscape for drinks and games.

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The Vue Highlights

Over 100-year-old renovated woolshed
• Spectacular views of Craggy Range Vineyard
• Seating for 120 guests with tables and chairs included
• Dancefloor, movable stage, bar, coat area, and more

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Tree Church Related Questions

Does having a ceremony in your Tree Church mean it has to have religious content?

Absolutely not. It is simply a very beautiful and peaceful structure in the shape of a church.

Do you offer a venue for a celebration following the ceremony?

The Vue, a 100 year old woolshed, has recently been newly renovated to hold wedding receptions for up to 120 guests. 

Will the bridal party be able to have photos taken in your garden?

Yes. There are some wonderful photographic opportunities around the garden including a reflecting pond.

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Will the guests be allowed to throw confetti or rose petals?

The leafy walkway leaving the Tree Church is ideal for this, but not in the Tree Church itself due to the bark flooring.

How wide is the aisle?

2 metres. A generous width for a flamboyant gown, a wheel chair and ample room for pall bearers.

How many guests will the Tree Church seat?

120 comfortably

How far is the Tree Church from Martinborough?

12km, a 10 minute drive.

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What months are weddings held in the Tree Church or are they all year round?

We hold weddings late October until the end of April. Unfortunately we do not hold Winter weddings due to weather conditions.

What happens if it rains on the day of the ceremony?

We do not currently have a wet weather option (we are working on it). The Tree Church is mostly sheltered from the wind, big clear umbrellas work well as well as look the part in wedding photos.

Is there a sound system to play our own music?

We have a Bluetooth sound system with a cordless microphone which speakers and singers are welcome to use in the Tree Church.

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